Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Decorating a Room fit for a KNIGHT!

Personalizing your child's room can be a lot of fun :o) Follow along as we show you the transformation to a KNIGHTS ADVENTURE room! We bought a lot of accessories on eBay and many items are also available in our store at www.3buttonsn2bows.com This little boy settled on a Knights Theme for his room and we took it from there!

First, decide on a theme. Whatever theme you choose, check around first to see what accessories are available and determine how long that theme needs to work for your child (is this a transitional theme? are they moving to a new room and it needs to grow with him or her? etc)

  • we chose a Knights Adventure theme. this theme will grow as the child grows, and there were so many different accessories available!

Next, choose a color pallette that works with your theme. Select 3 colors from the pattern, fabric, theme, or art to use. Remember, you can offset cool colors by selecting a warm color to make the other colors "pop". Paint stores can custom mix your paint to match a fabric, piece of wall paper, art, etc.

  • in our room, we use a very warm golden color found in the quilt to offset a cooler blue and green in the room. using three colors gives a nice balance and creates interest for the eye.

Once you have your color pallette, and your theme, it is time to SHOP (my favorite part!). Select your accessories carefully. A custom room avoids being too matchy matchy. Instead, select your room decor piece by piece, balancing matching items with coordinates. Remember, less is often more! You can always add pieces to a room but it is more difficult to edit out extras (clutter) you don't really need. Don't forget the SMALL details (knobs, switchplates, outlet covers, toss pillows) as they make all the difference in creating that custom, boutique look. If you are buying multiple items, see if you can get them all from one seller to save on shipping costs. Many sellers/small boutique stores will give you a discount as a thank you.

  • the room we designed has very few accessories. castle bookends with themed books, a coat of arms, custom artwork, painted letters, lampshades, curtains, a suit of armor, clock/switchplate/message board/arrow art, a dragon knob on the nightstand, complete the look of this custom room.

Finally, personalize the room! In a few places, add in your child's name, or their favorite objects so it feels cozy and unique.

Decorating does not have to be confusing or expensive. Check around and see what local artisans and resellers, as well as eBay, have to offer, and ENJOY the experience!

Below are some photos of are sample room. The artists we used are listed as well. We enjoyed working with them on the design process.

Art prints above the bed by artist1991g on eBay.
Quilt, pillows, sheets, drapes by Pottery Barn Kids.

Coat of arms above bed, dragon knob,
lampshade by www.3buttonsn2bows.com

Name art print at window by chrism624 ,
arrow sign and tie backs by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/

KNIGHT letters, throw pillows by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/
Canvas art windows by www.karenscottagestudio.com/

Clock, artwork, nightlight by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/

Switchplate by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/

Suit of armor from
hillsbestbargains and coat of arms
purchased on eBay (seller unknown).