Friday, November 30, 2007

Mommy Cracked: Thursday Giveaway~ 3ButtonsN2Bows

Mommy Cracked: Thursday Giveaway~ 3ButtonsN2Bows

If you want a chance to win a FREE item from our store, check out the blog above. They are giving away one of our newest products, a whale peg rack!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Diaper and Tote Bag Tags

Introducing our new BAG TAGS! These are very cute ways to personalize your child's ballet bag, school backpack, preschool bag, diaper bag, or luggage. We offer them in as many styles as you have imagination. Choose from one of our patterns or create your own with our CUSTOM DESIGN option. These are laminated and include a heavy duty plastic hanger OR the option of grosgrain ribbon to attach.
Personalized for free with your child's name and any additional information you would like. We can make these to match ANY bedding or nursery theme. Just ask! Below are just a few samples of bag tags we have made and are available in our store.
What great GIFT ideas! You can shop early and include these as stocking stuffers. These are not only great for kids but also for adults. Do you ever get tired of finding your same black suitcase that looks like every other black suitcase at the baggage claim? Your bag is guaranteed to stand out with one of these durable and very stylish luggage tags!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back To School!

We have had a few interesting weeks before and after school began, including the death of a loved one and scrambling to get everyone to an out of state funeral where I have a large family. Now that we are back home, and getting back again into the swing of the school year, it is a great time to preview some new products heading to our store! So many moms I know are expecting or redecorating their kids' rooms, now that summer is over and they have more time on their hands. We are also adding some personal accessories to our site for the first time. These include HEADBANDS, TOTE BAGS, KEY FOBS/RINGS, and CUSTOM BAG TAGS. I am so excited to add these so check back in the next four weeks as we preview a product a week.

We are also going to be featuring a product or store we have found that is so outstanding we think all our readers should know about it as well. We will add these to our blog throughout the next year.

Don't forget to take advantage of our CUSTOM section on our website ! You can send us your fabric, sheets, bumper pads, or even curtains to create a custom nursery/bedroom! Let's get creative! We have done a lot of these recently. Just email me and I will give you the amount of yardage you need to send. OR if you don't have a fabric chosen, let us know your theme and colors, and we will help you find just the right look!

Happy Back To School!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ooh La La Decor for the Paris-chic girl!

Our new Paris-chic accessories are here!

It is quite apparent that there has been an explosion of interest in Paris inspired French decor. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the design of little girls' bedrooms and nurseries. I have spent an enjoyable month researching and compiling a palette of fabrics, trims, and accents all in the french poodle, eiffel tower, and parisian theme. My twin girls, now 3 1/2, are not immune to the allure either. They have oohed and aahed over each new design I create, and claimed some of the fabrics as their 'own'. After all, what girl can resist PINK, or polka dots, stripes, and those adorable fluffy poodle dogs? I have to admit I have even found a soft spot for the neapolitan colors.

In designing YOUR chic room for your daughter, there is no reason to be limited. All of the major fabric designers have something to contribute to the latest craze. You can find every texture of fabric as well as many varied trims!

When narrowing down the options to come up with our new Paris line, we tried to offer something for every type of decor: we have the simplicity of the brushed cotton trims, the fussiness of a bolster pillow, the detail of a patterned grosgrain ribbon, mixed with variations of fabrics and the occasional nod to the the retro. We will keep adding to our first group of accessories so you will want to check back periodically to see what is new in our store at www.3buttonsn2bows.com. I am sure I won't be able to resist coming up with new combinations. I am definitely hooked! It has been therapeutic to spend the past month focusing on fabrics and design -- my passion. I hope you enjoy!

Click on the photo to view our first group:

Sample resource list for the Parisian bedroom on any budget:

Bombay Kids GiGi

Banana Fish FiFi

Kimberly Grant's Ooh La La

Carousel's Paris Poodle

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A really FUN place to shop!

Shopping online sometimes can be the "same ol', same ol'," but not with the Land of Nod. If you are online browsing through your favorite stores for gifts, inspirtations, or ideas, be sure to add their website to your favorites. A business that started in the basement of their home, Land of Nod is now a full fledged hip store complete with podcasts. You can find their unique stamp on kids' decor starting with their fun, not so serious, titles for their products, e.g., 'From the Department of Motor Vehicles' or 'Honey I Shrunk the Doll Dresses' bedding. :o) If you are working on a budget, you can save a lot of money at their Nods and Ends Outlet, and even your husband will appreciate the humorous approach to design as well as the reasonable prices. (I catch mine chuckling over the titles when he doesn't know I am there.)

Next time you have a few quiet minutes online, check out Land of Nod. It will soon become one of your favorite stores!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Decorating a Room fit for a KNIGHT!

Personalizing your child's room can be a lot of fun :o) Follow along as we show you the transformation to a KNIGHTS ADVENTURE room! We bought a lot of accessories on eBay and many items are also available in our store at www.3buttonsn2bows.com This little boy settled on a Knights Theme for his room and we took it from there!

First, decide on a theme. Whatever theme you choose, check around first to see what accessories are available and determine how long that theme needs to work for your child (is this a transitional theme? are they moving to a new room and it needs to grow with him or her? etc)

  • we chose a Knights Adventure theme. this theme will grow as the child grows, and there were so many different accessories available!

Next, choose a color pallette that works with your theme. Select 3 colors from the pattern, fabric, theme, or art to use. Remember, you can offset cool colors by selecting a warm color to make the other colors "pop". Paint stores can custom mix your paint to match a fabric, piece of wall paper, art, etc.

  • in our room, we use a very warm golden color found in the quilt to offset a cooler blue and green in the room. using three colors gives a nice balance and creates interest for the eye.

Once you have your color pallette, and your theme, it is time to SHOP (my favorite part!). Select your accessories carefully. A custom room avoids being too matchy matchy. Instead, select your room decor piece by piece, balancing matching items with coordinates. Remember, less is often more! You can always add pieces to a room but it is more difficult to edit out extras (clutter) you don't really need. Don't forget the SMALL details (knobs, switchplates, outlet covers, toss pillows) as they make all the difference in creating that custom, boutique look. If you are buying multiple items, see if you can get them all from one seller to save on shipping costs. Many sellers/small boutique stores will give you a discount as a thank you.

  • the room we designed has very few accessories. castle bookends with themed books, a coat of arms, custom artwork, painted letters, lampshades, curtains, a suit of armor, clock/switchplate/message board/arrow art, a dragon knob on the nightstand, complete the look of this custom room.

Finally, personalize the room! In a few places, add in your child's name, or their favorite objects so it feels cozy and unique.

Decorating does not have to be confusing or expensive. Check around and see what local artisans and resellers, as well as eBay, have to offer, and ENJOY the experience!

Below are some photos of are sample room. The artists we used are listed as well. We enjoyed working with them on the design process.

Art prints above the bed by artist1991g on eBay.
Quilt, pillows, sheets, drapes by Pottery Barn Kids.

Coat of arms above bed, dragon knob,
lampshade by www.3buttonsn2bows.com

Name art print at window by chrism624 ,
arrow sign and tie backs by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/

KNIGHT letters, throw pillows by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/
Canvas art windows by www.karenscottagestudio.com/

Clock, artwork, nightlight by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/

Switchplate by http://www.3buttonsn2bows.com/

Suit of armor from
hillsbestbargains and coat of arms
purchased on eBay (seller unknown).

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

We have been wanting to add a blog to our website for six months, but there never seems to be the time to get everything done on my wishlist (I am sure all you moms can relate!). It took some vacation time to finally cross this one off the "to do" and make it a reality :o)

This blog will take the place of the newsletters we have sent out in the past to our customers, so if you want regular updates on Sales, New Items, or even Decorating Trends, this is the place to be. You can sign up to have our blog sent straight to your email as well, for ease and convenience!