Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ooh La La Decor for the Paris-chic girl!

Our new Paris-chic accessories are here!

It is quite apparent that there has been an explosion of interest in Paris inspired French decor. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the design of little girls' bedrooms and nurseries. I have spent an enjoyable month researching and compiling a palette of fabrics, trims, and accents all in the french poodle, eiffel tower, and parisian theme. My twin girls, now 3 1/2, are not immune to the allure either. They have oohed and aahed over each new design I create, and claimed some of the fabrics as their 'own'. After all, what girl can resist PINK, or polka dots, stripes, and those adorable fluffy poodle dogs? I have to admit I have even found a soft spot for the neapolitan colors.

In designing YOUR chic room for your daughter, there is no reason to be limited. All of the major fabric designers have something to contribute to the latest craze. You can find every texture of fabric as well as many varied trims!

When narrowing down the options to come up with our new Paris line, we tried to offer something for every type of decor: we have the simplicity of the brushed cotton trims, the fussiness of a bolster pillow, the detail of a patterned grosgrain ribbon, mixed with variations of fabrics and the occasional nod to the the retro. We will keep adding to our first group of accessories so you will want to check back periodically to see what is new in our store at www.3buttonsn2bows.com. I am sure I won't be able to resist coming up with new combinations. I am definitely hooked! It has been therapeutic to spend the past month focusing on fabrics and design -- my passion. I hope you enjoy!

Click on the photo to view our first group:

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