Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back To School!

We have had a few interesting weeks before and after school began, including the death of a loved one and scrambling to get everyone to an out of state funeral where I have a large family. Now that we are back home, and getting back again into the swing of the school year, it is a great time to preview some new products heading to our store! So many moms I know are expecting or redecorating their kids' rooms, now that summer is over and they have more time on their hands. We are also adding some personal accessories to our site for the first time. These include HEADBANDS, TOTE BAGS, KEY FOBS/RINGS, and CUSTOM BAG TAGS. I am so excited to add these so check back in the next four weeks as we preview a product a week.

We are also going to be featuring a product or store we have found that is so outstanding we think all our readers should know about it as well. We will add these to our blog throughout the next year.

Don't forget to take advantage of our CUSTOM section on our website ! You can send us your fabric, sheets, bumper pads, or even curtains to create a custom nursery/bedroom! Let's get creative! We have done a lot of these recently. Just email me and I will give you the amount of yardage you need to send. OR if you don't have a fabric chosen, let us know your theme and colors, and we will help you find just the right look!

Happy Back To School!